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Credit Builder Loan

Jun 21, 2018

Do you want to build new accounts on your credit report? I have a new way that can help you. FICO credit score likes types of credit on your credit report. Often times people are building credit with secured credit cards only. I found a new product that can add an installment loan onto your credit report. It is called a credit-builder loan. I found a lender that does this and it works differently from a typical loan. Rather than borrowingmoney upfront, you make fixed monthly payments into a savings account fora specific period of time. The bank reports your payments to the creditbureaus, allowing you to build a new installment loan. At the end of the

loan term, you can access the money in the savings account so I feel it is a win,win.

Here is my link to get this credit-builder loan:


If you do get this loan, email me and let me know as I am tracking everyone's progress with

  1. Remember it is not something you will see ASAP for a score increase but time will help with
  2. The other good benefit is you will not get a credit inquiry on your credit report!

To Your Healthy Credit~