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About Jeanne Kelly

Jeanne Kelly Credit Coach is the founder of The Kelly Group. A highly sought-after credit coach, healthy credit expert, motivational speaker, and author of The Credit Training & The Credit Makeover.

What started as a single decision to pursue a better life for herself and her daughter, has since turned into an empire raising awareness about #healthycredit. Through her passionate programs and accessible online resources, Jeanne has helped thousands reclaim financial freedom with valuable education on credit reporting, identity theft, and achieving a higher credit score.

Her work has appeared in top media outlets including The Today Show, CNN, The Breakfast Club, iHeart Radio,, Huffington Post, The New York Times, Experian, Thrive Global,, and more.

If you’re looking to transform your credit story and empower your finances, then you’re in the right place! Jeanne is a trusted, well-respected mentor in the industry who can take your personal dreams and plot the roadmap to get you there…with zero intimidation. She’s certain if she could do it, so can you!

A Note From Jeanne

Hi! I’m Jeanne…your very own credit Jeanne!

While my coaching isn’t as simple as granting you three wishes that will magically repair your credit. I DO know how to provide you with the high-level coaching and resources that will get you there…no matter how impossible it may seem.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always in great financial standing.

Since I’m sure you’re wondering how I got into this industry and why I’m so passionate about it (because let’s be real, you almost NEVER hear about credit and when you do, well, it’s usually a snoozefest)!

So here’s my story…

At the age of 21, I got married and at 25 had my daughter, Cassandra. Like most newlyweds and new mothers, I believed this was it – my perfect fairytale. But, life had another plan (as it often does!). A year later at 26, I was divorced. Things just didn’t work out. I went from living in a new home to living in a tiny cottage on my parents’ farm.

When I went to get myself back on my feet and find my own place, I quickly realized how much healthy credit played a part in opening doors of opportunity. Like most people, I never had formal training on what credit was or why it mattered.

Little things that I didn’t even realize would affect my credit like paying my car loan late, breaking an unreasonable phone contract, or missing a $10 copay at the doctor’s office, were taking BIG hits on my credit health and even being sent to collections.

After finding numerous rejections when trying to land a mortgage, I felt desperate for change. When I looked around for help, nobody was providing what I needed to fix my situation.

Yup, at this moment I definately wished it was as easy as rubbing a lamp!

Luckily, my parents let me continue living with them and supported me in childcare. I began waitressing at night so I could be with Cassandra all day. And in my free time, I began my research. When I finally cracked the code on how to fix my credit I thought to myself, “If I could do this for ME, I could do this for OTHERS.”

So I quit waitressing and began my business from the ground up…literally. From a basement, I tirelessly flipped through the yellow pages, cold-pitching mortgage brokers (this was before social media & Google!). My bank account was depleting but I was determined.

“I can help you close more loans, help clients with credit issues, and you can keep them in the pipeline!” I carried on with my script.

Finally, to my surprise, a man named Mike Daversa answered my call (by accident- but hey, I took what I could get!) and let me share my full pitch. It turned out he had a client who needed my help.

And that was it... The Kelly Group was OFFICIALLY in business!

One thing led to another, and before I knew it The Today Show was calling me to come talk about healthy credit!! And when it rains it pours. Following that one exceptional opportunity, the message was getting out. Soon CNN, The Breakfast Club, Huffington Post, The New York Times, Success Magazine, Fox News, and other media giants were calling too.

I was so grateful for each of these opportunities, not only because it expanded The Kelly Group, but because it allowed me the chance to get on big stages to share an important message people NEEDED to hear!

Today, The Kelly Group is a multi-million dollar company proudly serving thousands of people, helping them avoid common credit crises and more importantly, live their best lives at their fullest *credit* potential!

If you’re ready to win the credit game once and for all and no longer be limited by less than ideal circumstances of the past, it would be my truest honor to coach you to financial success!

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Revamp Your Credit Health With Jeanne Kelly Credit Coach!

Hire Jeanne and her team of highly-trained credit specialists to help you master your credit. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting new, rebuilding from bad credit, or you want to protect yourself from the growing threat of identity theft. Jeanne and her team delivers practical advice and insight in respectful, private one-on-one phone-based coaching sessions. Hire them for a one-time review to help you get going!

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Jeanne Kelly Credit Coach

Speaking Engagements

Jeanne Kelly Credit Coach is the founder of The Kelly Group.

Highly sought-after credit coach, motivational speaker, and author of The Credit Training & The Credit Makeover. Captivating audiences in the media, tv, web series and live events. As a credit repair specialist, Jeanne speaks on credit-related topics like credit scores, building healthy credit, financial literacy, financial education, credit card debt, rebuilding your credit, and more. Inspired by her determination to live in financial freedom, her mission is to spread the message far and wide about why having healthy credit is so important. Jeanne Kelly is your go-to credit coach when it comes to all things credit score, credit health and mastering the credit game. She happily customizes her speeches to a diverse range of audiences such as high school and college students, first-time home buyers, mortgage brokers, credit consumers and many others. Your audience will benefit from learning more about credit from the leading expert in the credit industry.

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